Andrew Fawcet’s New Auckland Property Project

Andrew FawcetAndrew Fawcet is Myland Partner’s Executive. For more than 25 years Fawcet has operated in the apartment project and managing business making a difference in how properties are observed. Similar to having the big amount of greener at the Union Green Fawcet is known for having unique apartments and solutions. Over his long time working in the industry he has handled all things from apartment or condos to developments, adding value to the land in New Zealand.

Fawcet and his business possess 3 other properties that have actually been finished through New Zealand. Scott Point in Auckland, NZ is a neighborhood that is expected to be accomplished in 2016 and has 320 lots. Kingfisher is a gated area in Lake Taupo, New Zealand, currently the property is 70 % sold out. A superior lifestyle neighborhood in Kaipara Harbour, Hinamoki is a 110 lot apartment that is 100 % sold out.

Andrew Fawcet’s Auckland residence block demonstrates real assurance for nice real estate for those that can buy to live there. It will also enhance the property value for the region encompassing it. With Myland Partner’s previous success they are sure to have a number of residents trying to move in to the Union Green.

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